Enter Feet First Philly's "Where's my effin' sidewalk?" photo contest!

 Feet First Philly, the pedestrian advocacy group sponsored by the Clean Air Council, is holding a photo contest!

Has your walk to the store become an obstacle course?  Do you dodge sidewalk cafĂ© waiters on your way to work? Do you walk in the street to get around that construction site that's been there for 2 years?  If you've ever asked "where's my effin' sidewalk?", Feet First Philly wants YOU to let us know about sidewalk encroachments that really bug you when you're trying to walk in Philly!  (A sidewalk encroachment is any physical obstruction on the sidewalk that limits the space available for walking.  This includes places where sidewalks are missing, too.)  "Where's my effin' sidewalk?" aims to bring attention to these encroachments so that they can be remedied. 
Email us pictures and videos of any sidewalk encroachment you see in Philadelphia or elsewhere in the Delaware Valley.  If your pictures and videos are already posted online, feel free to send us an email containing urls linking to the images and video.  Once approved, photos will be posted to Feet First Philly's flickr gallery for everyone's amusement and chagrin.  At the end of the contest, the submissions will be judged on the basis of which ones make the most powerful statement.  The first, second, and third prize winners will receive cash prizes of $300, $200, and $100, respectively.
Send your pictures and videos (keep it appropriate, please - no nudity, violence, etc.) to Feet First Philly today!  Please include your name in the email so we can notify you if you win.  Upon submission, all photos become property of the Clean Air Council (the fiscal sponsor of Feet First Philly).
To submit your photos, send them to Krista Guerrieri at kguerrieri@cleanair.org or to Feet First Philly at feetfirstphilly@yahoo.com.
The contest began on August 1st, and judging will take place on September 30.  Winners will be notified by email.
This contest is the first in a series of photo contests to be sponsored by Feet First Philly.