Electric Vehicles

The United States transportation system is overwhelmingly reliant on fossil fuels, accounting for over 33% of national greenhouse gas emissions.  One of the most effective ways to reduce emissions from the transportation sector is by transitioning to a fleet of electric vehicles (EVs).  Electricity for EVs can come from an array of sources, including (and encouraging) locally produced clean, renewable energy.  EV charging stations have just begun popping up in Philadelphia and more are on the way (if we have anything to do with it)!


For more information, check out our EV Fact Sheet.

Electric Vehicles (EVs) have the potential to greatly reduce air emissions from the transportation sector, thus the Clean Air Council fully supports their deployment.  The Council's Abby Poses and Max Ojserkis recently attended Electrified Philadelphia, an EV Workshop, organized by Greater Philadelphia Clean Cities.  The event featured presentations from several parties that are working to manufacture EVs and charging equipment, supply electricity, and develop regional readiness plans.  The event also showcased electric vehicles that are currently operating in the Philadelph