Bike Pedestrian Trails

Clean Air Council is interested in trail development across the Mid-Atlantic region and the East Coast as a means to promote a healthier lifestyle and reduce air pollution caused by other forms of transportation. The Philadelphia network of trails will provide expanded opportunities for close-to-home recreation, fitness activities, environmental education, and open space preservation. Connecting neighborhoods in Philadelphia and the surrounding counties, the trails will serve as an alternative transportation corridor and a stimulus for business revitalization and new business formation.

The Cobbs Creek Connector Trail (CCC) project is the current focus of the Clean Air Council's trails program. The CCC is the priority segment of the Tinicum-Fort Miflin trail which will eventually connect the Schulkyl and Delaware Rivers--wrapping through the bottom of the city, past the airport and through the Heinz Wildlife Refuge.

The CCC will extend the Cobbs Creek Bicycle path, which currently runs north/south along Cobbs Creek Park. The CCC trail will be built as a separate bicycle and pedestrian path running five and a half miles, extending the current trail and creating an uninterrupted stretch of over nine miles--from 63rd and Market Street in Philadelphia to Route 420 in Tinicum Township. The trail would connect West Philadelphia and the neighboring boroughs of Yeadon, Darby, Colwyn and Essington with the natural beauty of the Heinz National Wildlife Refuge, the Delaware River and Cobbs and Darby Creeks.

The Cobbs Creek Connector Trail is a designated part of the East Coast Greenway (ECG) in Pennsylvania. The ECG is the nation's first long-distance, urban trail system: a city-to-city transportation corridor for cyclists, hikers, and other non-motorized users. The East Coast Greenway links 23 major cities in 15 states along the Atlantic coast, from Maine to Florida, to form a continuous route.

  Clean Air Council invites responses to this Request for Proposals to perform Design and Engineering on 4 sections of bicycle and pedestrian connections to the John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge. This includes trail connections in both Philadelphia and Delaware Counties.

 Clean Air Council invites responses to this Request for Proposals to perform Final Design and Engineering on a short section of the Cobbs Creek Connector Trail. This segment stretches from the existing southern terminus of the Cobbs Creek Bikeway at 70th Street and Cobbs Creek Parkway, to the just south of the CSX Bridge, including the crossing underneath the bridge.

Please note there is a mandatory pre-proposal meeting on Thursday, September 12th.

Any questions please email Nick Rogers (nrogers<at>

 The City's Complete Streets Bill passed out of Committee in City Council on Friday and the Council was happy to write a letter of support for the bill. This bill would require new transportation projects to take into consideration cycling and pedestrian infrasturcture. Attached is the letter the Council wrote in support, and below is a link to an article on the Complete Streets Bill.

Materials from the Cobbs Creek Connector Public Meeting held on July 16th have been posted at the following locations. Please check them out and send any comments or questions to Nick Rogers at nrogers(at)