When trucks and buses leave their engines running unnecessarily, they are not only wasting fuel (millions of gallons annually) but releasing harmful particles and greenhouse gasses into the air. Diesel particulate pollution has been linked to asthma, heart disease, cancer, and premature death. These negative health effects of diesel emissions are well documented. For example, according to United States Environmental Protection Agency data, exhaust from diesel engines accounts for 78% of the total added cancer risk in outdoor air from all hazardous air pollutants combined in the United States.

Awareness Campaign
The goal of the Council's anti-idling campaign is to educate drivers on the impact of diesel vehicle idling on the air they breathe, and improve awareness of existing anti-idling laws. The campaign focuses on education and stewardship around an issue—diesel truck idling—that will have cascading benefits for neighborhood and regional air quality and public health. The focus has been both on the city of Philadelphia, and throughout Pennsylvania and Delaware. Clean Air Council  promotes the anti-idling campaign with targeted, strategic outreach toward critical stakeholder groups, including neighborhood organizations, environmental advocates, business owners, employees, public health officials, local law enforcement, and elected officials.

Citizen engagement is a crucial component of an anti-idling campaign. In Philadelphia, The Council's gives local communities the power to quickly and easily report illegal idling to city officials, and allows neighbors to work together to identify locations where idling is a recurring problem. is a web-based tool using the free software SeeClickFix, a powerful community mapping platform that allows residents to report problems in their neighborhoods to city officials. Clean Air Council uses IdleFreePhilly to target action at idling hotspots throughout the city. The Council reports infractions to Air Management Services, the police, and Philadelphia Parking Authority. The Council also takes direct approaches by contacting local business owners and inviting them to hang “no idling” signs and other preventative practices to reduce idling at their location, or by their vehicles.


Idling Coalitions
IdleFreePA is a coalition of three local organizations in Pennylvania, including Clean Air Council, who are administering a statewide outreach campaign directed at local government, law enforcement, and drivers about Pennsylvania's statewide idling law. In Delaware, the Council draws on its successes in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania to work with the Delaware Diesel Difference and the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC), for more effective idling enforcement.