“Common Senses” Citizen Air Monitoring

Clean Air Council is asking residents living in shale-field regions to report ANYTHING that they smell, hear or see that is out of the ordinary and possibly related to natural gas operations. Odors, visible emissions or noises may be the only indication of serious air pollution issues and environmental violations. PA DEP has the authority to take remedial action through investigations and issuing notices of violation. 

We encourage the public to use our online survey form to report these disturbances and to call PA DEP to report them (1-866-255-5158). Clean Air Council is also collecting this data and sending it to other agencies such as EPA and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) to inform them about areas of concern around the state that may warrant increased air monitoring and research. 
Note: While the online survey tool is the preferred method, a copy of the online monitoring form can also be printed from the attached PDF document and mailed to Clean Air Council.
AirPollutionComplaintForm.pdf346.86 KB