Schuylkill Center Honors Joseph Minott for Environmental Leadership

Published: Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education has awarded Joseph Minott, Executive Director of the Clean Air Council, with this year’s Henry H. Meigs Award for Environmental Leadership.

Minott accepted the award in a brief ceremony held at the Schuylkill Center on OCt. 2 in conjunction with a town hall meeting on politics and the environment. After the awards presentation, Minott—joined by Liz Robinson of the Energy Coordinating Agency and Phil Wallis of Audubon Pennsylvania —fielded audience questions about the science and politics of federal energy policy.

“Joe is a tireless advocate for the environment,” said Schuylkill Center Executive Director Mike Weilbacher. “His list of accomplishments during his 26-year run as executive director for the Clean Air Council is remarkable. He helped draft the city’s mandatory recycling program, sued Pennsylvania for failing to implement its Clean Vehicles program, played a key role in the smoking ban on restaurants, and has become a strong regional and national voice on global warming.”

The Schuylkill Center also honored Radnor Middle School’s groundbreaking integrated learning program, Watershed, with the Henry H. Meigs Youth Leadership Award. Watershed students and faculty were on hand Tuesday to receive the award. Some 40 students took the stage to launch town hall meeting with a humorous, scripted outline of the Democratic and Republican party platforms on energy and the environment.

The Meigs Award honors leaders whose commanding presence and guidance toward our world’s sustainable future reflects the spirit, integrity and vision of Henry Howard Houston Meigs, whose family founded the Schuylkill Center in 1965. Past winners of the Meigs Award include Governor Ed Rendell and Philadelphia Deputy Mayor and Parks and Recreation Commissioner Michael DiBerardinis.

Founded in 1965, the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education (SCEE) is one of the first urban environmental education centers in the country. It encompasses over 340 acres of privately held land in the Roxborough neighborhood of Philadelphia. SCEE’s mission is to promote the preservation and improvement of our natural environment through education, outreach and the conservation of its land.