The Council Submits Comments on Federal Turbine Performance Standard Changes

The Council submitted comments on change to the federal standards for turbines. These standard apply to energy-generating turbines at power plants that combust natural gas and other fuels.

These rule changes were originally meant to answer questions raised by industry groups in prior rulemakings, but also included a loophole allowing turbine owners to never have to incorporate new technology standards. In essence, with these proposed changes, a turbine owner could reconstruct a turbine (a common periodic practice to increase the useful life of a turbine) without tracking the costs of reconstruction with no repurcussion. If a turbine owner alternates between tracking and not tracking the monetary costs every time a turbine is reconstructed, they could likely avoid any future new technology standards for their turbine. The Council's submitted comments opposing this loophole and hope to highlight the EPA's error.

Clean Air Council Comments on EPA–HQ–OAR–2004–0490.pdf144 KB