Clean Air Act

The Clean Air Act is one of the nation’s most important health protection laws. The Council’s Clean Air Act Program goal is to ensure that the Act is fully implemented and enforced in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. The Council acts as a regional environmental voice on Clean Air Act issues. Finally, the Council acts as a bridge between national environmental organizations and regional groups on clean air issues that impact the region. 

Clean Air Council works towards these goals through government oversight, community organizing and lawsuits. When the Council believes state and federal governments are not fully implementing Clean Air Act requirements it will take appropriate action.  In addition, the Council participates in the government rule-making process, shares its testimony with other interested organizations, and facilitates public involvement in the process. Taking part in the administrative process is essential for preserving the right to engage in further enforcement actions. Public participation is also one of the most important and effective methods for citizens to advocate for positive environmental change.

We know from experience that pollution-emitting facilities and companies will not regulate themselves. Instead, we have regulations in place to protect the health of our communities. Unfortunately, many facilities disregard these regulations and put everyone’s health in danger.
That’s the current state of affairs for Clairton Coke Works. The U.S.

Air Pollution, EPA Rules, and the National Climate Assessment

Guests: Joe Minott, Jody Freeman, and Michael Lemonick

Clean Air Council's Delaware Environmental Justice Initiative work focuses on air quality concerns impacting low income communities in South Wilmington.  The Council has identified two major issues of concern: odors emanating from Wilmington Organic Recycling Center and implementation and enforcement of Wilmington's fugitive dust ordinance.  More information about this work can be found on the Council's Delaware Environmental Justice Intiative website ( 

 June 26, 2013 -The U.S. Supreme Court announced on June 24 that it granted the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) petition and will hear EPA v. EME Homer City. The case involves the Cross State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR), which was EPA’s latest attempt to control pollution in areas where out-of-state pollution contributes significantly to air quality violations.

April 26, 2013  - Today the Clean Air Council submitted comments to the Citizens Advisory Council to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection in response to a request for ideas on how to improve public participation in developing environmental regulations and policies