Air Toxics

Clean Air Council’s Air Toxics Program works to protect people’s right to breathe clean air by reducing the amount of air toxics they are exposed to.

Toxic chemicals in the air threaten public health and welfare. Air toxics are a particular threat to vulnerable populations such as persons with preexisting diseases, the very young, or the very old. Many low income neighborhoods are disproportionally exposed to air toxics because of their proximity to highways and transportation hubs, heavy industry, and area sources such as dry cleaners and auto-body shops. But all of us are impacted by the toxics in our environment.
The Council’s air toxics work is multi-pronged and includes: working with communities to reduce their exposure to air toxics; advocating tighter laws for facilities that release toxics into the environment; taking legal action to force toxics reductions; and educating policy makers and the public about the threat from air toxics and existing solutions.

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Clean Air Council has signed onto the attached letter in support of Philadelphia Councilman Bill Green's "Meatless Monday" resolution. 


On January 7, 2013, the Clean Air Council was granted leave to intervene in a lawsuit brought by an industry trade group attempting to weaken EPA standards for hazardous air pollution emitted by chrome electroplating and anodizing facilities.