Green Jobs

Some elected officials claim that addressing global warming will cripple an already turbulent economy. In fact, a number of credible reports have clearly demonstrated that tackling climate change can be done in a manner that creates domestic jobs, spurs investment in green technologies, and grows the economy. The Council believes that America must begin the transition to a green economy. Doing so would create millions of new green employment opportunities. These are high-paying jobs that cannot be outsourced. Furthermore, moving to a green economy will bolster America’s largest industry sector, manufacturing, while reducing the nation's dependence on foreign oil, securing America’s energy future and combating global warming.

The Council is working with Congress to pass strong climate and energy legislation that would result in green job creation while sustaining the environment and economy for future generations.  The Council will serve as a conference convener again this year for the Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conference in Washington, D.C.and continues to work with the Blue Green Alliance and unions across the Mid-Atlantic region to advocate for federal investments in the green economy. In Pennsylvania the Council is involved with regional and local efforts to advocate for green jobs. For example, in Northwestern Pennsylvania the Council founded and co-chairs the Northwest Pennsylvania Green Economy Task Force (NWPAGE, pronounced “new page”). NWPAGE is a collaborative partnership between private sector alternative energy companies, workforce development, economic development, chambers of commerce, community development non-profits, environmental non-profits, related state agencies, and government officials promoting the development of green jobs and a green economy in Northwest PA.

For the Philadelphia Eagles, green is more than just a team color. Beginning this upcoming season, the team’s home, Lincoln Financial Field, will generate enough energy from 14 wind turbines and 11,000 solar panels to power every home game.