Thank the EPA for taking action to cut dangerous methane pollution!

Recently, the Environmental Protection Agency finalized the first-ever national safeguards on dangerous methane pollution from the oil and gas industry. This is a BIG DEAL because currently the oil and gas industry is leaking millions of tons of methane pollution and toxic chemicals into the air – harming our health and speeding up climate change.

Thank Senator Casey for Defending the Clean Power Plan

How many records have to be broken before the U.S. regulates climate-changing carbon dioxide pollution?

Demand Modern Building Codes

Pennsylvania's own Climate Action Plan says the state could cut electricity consumption by 20% if it adopted modern construction standards. Increased energy efficiency would lower carbon dioxide pollution, providing an effective path to complying with the U.S.

Stop Methane Pollution!

7.3 million metric tons.

That's how much methane the gas industry spills into our nation's air every year. Considering that methane is 86 times worse for climate change than carbon dioxide and is emitted alongside air toxics and other unhealthy pollutants, that spells bad news for our future.

Tell Pennsylvania DEP: Lead is Dangerous

Although the public input process for Northampton Generating Company's (NGC) proposed lead increase ended months ago, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) has yet to make a decision whether or not to increase lead pollution from NGC. Please tell them (again) that increasing lead pollution is a clearly dangerous proposition.&n

Stop the Elcon Hazardous Waste Burner

 Bucks County was the only county in Pennsylvania to have two dangerous "Red Ozone Days" in 2013. In 2014, it was second only to Philadelphia and Pittsburgh in "orange" air quaility days where children, the elderly and asthmatics are at risk of respiratory damage.

Support Clean Energy In Pennsylvania

Today, under the EPA's Clean Power Plan to limit carbon pollution from power plants, Pennsylvania has an unprecedented opportunity to transition away from dirty fossil fuels and towards a cleaner, healthier future based on renewable energy and energy efficiency. By developing a strong plan to comply with the Clean Power Plan, Pennsylvania can save thousands of lives while creating jobs, lowering electric bills, and preventing the worst effects of climate change.

Say No to the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline!

The proposed Atlantic Sunrise pipeline would span 178 miles through eight counties in Pennsylvania. If approved, it would directly impact the lives of thousands of people living in these communities.

Say No to the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline!

Protect Coal Workers

Coal workers need your support. The Healthy Employee Loss Prevention Act (HELP Act) will create a program to help former coal workers find new jobs as the U.S.

Demand a Hearing on Proposed Westmoreland County Shale Gas Power Plant