Support Clean Energy In Pennsylvania

Today, under the EPA's Clean Power Plan to limit carbon pollution from power plants, Pennsylvania has an unprecedented opportunity to transition away from dirty fossil fuels and towards a cleaner, healthier future based on renewable energy and energy efficiency. By developing a strong plan to comply with the Clean Power Plan, Pennsylvania can save thousands of lives while creating jobs, lowering electric bills, and preventing the worst effects of climte change. 

Tell the EPA we need strong limits on ozone pollution!

Everyone has the right to breathe clean air. But taking a deep breath may be difficult if you live in one of the 17 Pennsylvania counties that exceed ozone health protection standards.

Modern Building Codes Cut Pollution

The easiest way to cut pollution is to save energy. Building codes in Pennsylvania have been stagnant since 2009 and the Governor-appointed body in charge of updating them claims their hands are tied by an interpretation of H.B. 377. This act of the previous administration made the adoption of new building codes more difficult.

Say No to the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline!

The proposed Atlantic Sunrise pipeline would span 178 miles through eight counties in Pennsylvania. If approved, it would directly impact the lives of thousands of people living in these communities.

Say No to the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline!

Protect Coal Workers and Support Green Jobs

In addition to supporting coal workers, please sign up for the Good Jobs, Green Jobs Convention in April. It's a great chance to rub shoulders with union members and figure out a cohesive plan to blend environmental and labor issues.

Tell the Public Utility Commission: No Sunoco Pipeline!

If granted a designation as a Public Utility Corporation, Sunoco would be exempt from complying with all local zoning laws and ordinances that would otherwise prevent them from constructing a pipeline and flaring stacks in residential areas. 
The ethane in Mariner East pipeline would not be distributed to the public.

Keep America in the Wind Industry

Pennsylvania has squandered its jobs in the wind industry. There used to be 4,000 wind jobs in Pennsylvania, but now, with the closure of the two Gamesa turbine manufacturing plants in Cambria and Bucks Counties in March, there are almost none. One big reason for these closures is the expiration of the production tax credit (PTC) for wind energy, giving the wind farm 2.3 cents per kilowatt hour of wind energy generated. This small subsidy helps create good jobs in renewable energy.

Consumers Want the Latest Building Codes

Residential and Commercial buildings consumed over 40% of Pennsylvania’s energy in 2011. In 2011, Governor Corbett and the Pennsylvania State Legislature made it harder to update building codes and chose to opt-out of automatic efficiency measure updates. Every three years, the International Code Council (ICC) publishes new standards aimed at making buildings more energy efficient. While the 2012 standards came and went, Pennsylvania is still relying on the 2009 recommendations.

Demand a Hearing on Proposed Westmoreland County Shale Gas Power Plant


Report Shale Gas Air Pollution NOW

Clean Air Council is announcing a new auto-alert system for notifying relevant agencies about odors, noises or visible emissions that residents suspect are coming from natural gas operations in their community.