Contact a staff member via e-mail by clicking their name or by dialing the Main Number and choosing Option 1 followed by his/her extension.  Or, dial the Main Number and choose Option 3 for the general line.

MAIN NUMBER - 215-567-4004

FAX NUMBER - 215-567-5791


Joseph Otis Minott, Esq., Executive Director (x 116)

Eric Cheung, Esq., Deputy Director (x 114)

Administrative Staff

Steve Ross, Office Manager (x 119)

Legal Staff

Alex Bomstein, Esq., Senior Litigation Attorney (x 118)

Aaron Jacobs-Smith, Esq., Staff Attorney (x 109)

Ryan Knapick, Esq., Staff Attorney (x 125)

Logan Welde, Esq.Adaptation Coordinator (x 126)

Augusta Wilson, Esq., Staff Attorney (x 106)

Program Staff

Thurman Brendlinger, Energy & Tobacco Project Director (x 104)

Saleem Chapman, Director of Environmental Justice (x 120)

Katie Edwards, Special Events and Communications Director (x 102)

Norm Feldman, Indoor Air Quality Specialist (x 101)

Will Fraser, Outreach Coordinator (x 123)

Mervyn Kline, Ph.D., Mercury Pollution Specialist

Sam Koplinka-Loehr, Shale Gas Organizer (x 115)

John Lee, MPH, Community and Environmental Health Director (x 105)

Karl Koerner, Engineering & Technical Coordinator (x 117)

Eva Roben, Climate Change Outreach Coordinator (x 127)

Nick Rogers, Transportation Project Director (x 110)

Mollie Simon, Southwest Outreach Coordinator (x 128)

Bobby Szafranski, Special Events Coordinator (x 112)

Albert Trujillo, Development & Fundraising Associate (x 103)

Matt Walker, Community Outreach Director (x 121)

Dennis R. Winters, Trails Associate

Coryn Wolk, Sustainable Transportation Outreach Coordinator (x 107)

Jon Zaikowski, Membership Coordinator (x 108)

Russell Zerbo, Advocacy Coordinator (x 130)

Outreach Management

Will Fraser, Canvass Director (x 123)

Ellen Womer, Field Manager

Outreach Staff

Sara Agnew, Canvasser

Aadi Ananda, Canvasser

Craig Collison, Canvasser

Shawn Dougherty, Canvasser

Tom Kerrigan, Phone Canvasser

Brian Kripke, Canvasser

Mark Rascati, Canvasser